industrial air compressors

Why choose preventive maintenance for your industrial air compressor?

In smaller businesses, standard maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis and usually involves equipment that works consistently until it expires or becomes outdated by newer technology

When it comes to an industrial air compressor, preventive maintenance is performed on a set schedule by a qualified service professional and will always translate to money well spent. The purpose of preventive maintenance is to catch mechanical problems before they spread and necessitate costly repairs and system downtime. If you detect problems early, you can take steps to rectify matters. Preventive maintenance can save time & money, prevent emergency repairs, lower energy costs, and improve your compressors life expectancy. Preventive maintenance ensures the smooth running of operations and helps to avoid costly interruptions and unexpected downtime. It is crucial to have a compressor maintenance program in place that supports productivity and prevents costly problems down the line. 


Having a preventive maintenance program in place will reduce the risk of system downtime at unexpected intervals. Performing routine checkups can spot potential problems the moment they arise, before they get out of hand and grow into more serious issues. The earlier you identify a problem, the easier and less costly it is to remedy. In many cases, a problem detected early can be rectified in a few minutes with no money spent.

Routine maintenance also saves time in the long run. In any industry, system downtime is costly and time-consuming. The time that a compressor remains down and inoperable is productivity lost. Even just a few hours of downtime can result in untold losses. Preventive maintenance on an industrial air compressor will always lower the risk of costly downtime.


One of the biggest risks of an irregular air compressor maintenance schedule is the chance of sudden, unexpected emergencies. If you only inspect your compressor on occasional, irregular intervals, you are not keeping track of how it performs on the inside. Even if the compressor seems fine on the outside and was purchased within the past few years, there could still be internal issues taking root that you are liable to miss if you only perform inspections on an infrequent, irregular basis.

In a worst case scenario, your compressor might stop functioning for reasons that could be hard to pinpoint. Consequently, a diagnosis could be even more time-consuming and costly. With consistent, periodic maintenance, you can pinpoint issues early and have them remedied almost immediately.


When you perform air compressor maintenance on a regular schedule, it allows you to catch instances where a function within the system is over-exerting or struggling to maintain an expected rate of production. When such issues do arise, it is often down to a part that needs cleaning, replacement or lubrication. By spotting these problems before they grow out of hand, the machine runs smoother and more efficiently, which translates to energy savings. Of course, energy savings also amounts to money saved in your overall production costs. With lower monthly energy costs, you can invest the money back into the infrastructure of your company.


When you stick to a regular maintenance schedule, you can extend your compressor’s life expectancy. When you add up the initial cost of investment in an air compressor and all the attached pneumatic tools, you can see why it is important to ensure a return on that investment through years of optimal performance. Routine maintenance can turn your initial investment into an enormous return. If and when the time comes that you finally replace the machine with a newer model, the old compressor will have likely yielded a fortune regarding productivity.

Regardless of the size or scope of your compressor operation, it is vital to have a qualified service professional oversee preventive maintenance work on a timely and consistent schedule. Preventive maintenance will ensure your machines work hour by hour, day after day, and continue to operate to their full life expectancy.

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