How long have you been operating?

Len's Equipment Co Ltd. was established in 1973 and has proudly served Toronto and the surrounding GTA for more than 45 years. Our knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the industry. Rest assured that you've come to the right place.

How much Compressed Air volume do we need? 

Each piece of pneumatic equipment that runs on compressed air in your shop or plant has an air volume requirement at a pressure to operate. Some may be fixed & continuous while others may be variable & intermittent. This information is usually available from the equipment manufacturer or from your compressed air equipment supplier. By adding all the fixed and taking a cross section of the intermittent, the Compressed Air Experts at Lens Equipment can quickly determine what your Compressed Air System volume will be.

How much air pressure do we need?

Some pneumatic equipment requires higher pressure then others to operate properly. Your system pressure should be set to accommodate the highest operating pressure while taking into consideration, the size of and other potential pressure drops. The Compressed Air Experts at Lens Equipment can easily size up your required Compressed Air System operating pressure.

What kind of Compressed Air Quality do we need?

In todays industries, dry, clean compressed air is a must and an air dryer and filtration are always recommended to prevent premature ware on your equipment down stream. The Air Experts at Lens Equipment will determine the correct type and size of air treatment equipment required. 

Do we need a Compressed Air Receiver and if so, how big?

An Air Receiver is like a battery as it stores energy, to accommodate demand. It is recommended in all compressed air installations and sized to handle peak demands. The Air Experts at Lens Equipment can size up the corrected volume air receiver for your application and plant/shop.