Lubricated & Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressors (Piston)  

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  • MSL SERIES –  Len’s Build Control Air Compressors 

¾-2 HP, Simplex, Tank Mounted

Ideal for Pneumatic Control Air & Sprinkler Systems.

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  • AR SERIES – Contractor – Medium Duty Reciprocating Air Compressors 

2-20 HP Single & Two Stage, Simplex, Duplex, Portable Electric & Gas   

Ideal for Contractors, Automotive, & Small to Medium Shops. 

  • LS – LP SERIES – Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Compressors 

2-30 HP Two Stage, Splash S & Pressure P Lubricated, Simplex, Duplex & Base Mounted

Ideal for Automotive, Control, Manufacturing & Medium to Larger Shops.   

  • LE – LT Series; Direct Drive High Durability Compressors.                               

2 -20 HP Single and Two Stage, Up to 435 Psig. PowerPak, Base & Tank Mounted

Ideal for General Air, Control, OEM & Engine Starting Applications

  • LFx – LF SERIES –  Direct Drive, Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressors 

¾-10 HP, Simplex, PowerPak, Base & Tank Mounted

Ideal for Medical, Dental, Food & Drug, Water Treatment & OEM Applications requiring Oil-Free Compressed Air                             

  • High Pressure Compressors and Gas Boosters for Industry 

Reliable – Sturdy – Low Maintenance  

Up to 7250 Psig.