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GHS VSD+: Oil-Sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps

The GHS VSD+ is an innovative and intelligent vacuum pump representing a leap forward in the vacuum pump industry, and is available to our clients in Toronto.

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Features & benefits

The GHS VSD+ Series is a new range of highly efficient, intelligent vacuum pump for Toronto businesses with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) from Atlas Copco. Based on the well-known and durable plug-and-play design principles of Atlas Copco compressors, these vacuum pumps have been designed by vacuum engineers to deliver peak performance at operating pressures commonly found in industrial applications. This is a great and cost effective option for a vacuum pump in Toronto. The GHS VSD+ series offer:

  • Energy savings of around 50% A state-of-the-art technology, variable speed drive (VSD) and innovative motor design combine to produce a leap forward in efficiency to dramatically reduce lifecycle costs
  • Significantly better performance against benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pump
  • Quiet operation – Noise levels are around half that of comparable technologies.
  • Sustainable productivity due to built-in efficiency. Conforms to energy management and environmental commitments according to ISO 50001/14001.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to ultra-high oil retention at all operating pressures – from ultimate pressure to atmospheric pressure.



Technical data

Technical Specifications


Pump capacity (m³/h) 390 m³/h
Pump capacity (m³/h): Maximum value 870 m³/h
Pump capacity (cfm) 230 cfm
Pump capacity (cfm): Maximum value 510 cfm