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Lens Equipment Co. LTD provides effective, quick, and efficient repairs as a part of our air compressor service in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Investing in repair services for your air compressor lets you avoid cutting into your budget for brand new equipment. With Lens Equipment Co. LTD, your malfunctioning equipment will be running smoothly in no time. No matter if you need a repair, rebuild, or a motor rewind, we are your solution. Taking advantage of our repair air compressor service in Toronto is the best decision you can make for your business!

Air/Energy Audits

Our Air and Energy audits ensure that your equipment runs efficiently. We check for leakages, use the latest monitoring technology to deliver detailed quality reports, and ensure your equipment is always in optimal condition. Auditing your equipment on a regular basis is crucial to keeping the equipment you currently have in optimal condition. This component of our air compressor service in Toronto ensures that your employees are safe and your profit margin remains intact or improves over time. 

Preventative Maintenance

Lens Equipment Co. LTD’s air compressor services in Toronto includes oil changes, filter changes, maintenance follow-ups, and more. Keep your equipment running trouble-free, identify potential issues, minimize your downtime, and maximize your efficiency with preventative maintenance. Without our preventative maintenance, you would wind up running your compressors and other equipment to the end of their usable lifetime. Each of the components would begin to give out due to the wear and tear, costing you precious time and money to repair it. We prevent this through pre-emptive maintenance. 


Lens Equipment Co. LTD supplies brand new parts and reputable aftermarket parts for most air compressors, blower, vacuum and air treatment equipment. Our large selection provides you everything in one location. Having all the right parts on hand to repair or add to your compressor and dryer systems as and when needed allows you to reduce delays during repair operations. You can also upgrade your old compressors with new parts easily thanks to our air compressor service in Toronto. 

Offsite Monitoring
air compressor service in Toronto

Lens Equipment Co. LTD provides the option of off-site monitoring for clients. Offsite monitoring ensures your equipment to be screened in real-time, without the need to be physically on site.  The SMART LINK data monitoring technology can be connected to your equipment and a mobile device – it monitors the equipment and notifies you with scheduled maintenance checks, troubleshooting, and alerts.

24/7 Emergency Service

Lens Equipment Co. LTD is dedicated to offering 24/7 air compressor support and repair services to our clients in case of emergencies. Contact us for immediate air compressor services.